KTE Conference

I know I’m a nerd.  It comes with the territory of being an engineer.  But I’m a cool nerd, dangit!

This week was the 97th Annual Kansas Transportation Engineering Conference.  I was really excited to go.  It in Manhattan, KS, home to my alma mater, Kansas State University and therefore the coolest town on earth.  It is also home to one of my good friends.  I love getting together with her and chatting, which we don’t get to do so often now that kids and life have taken over.  Also, it is my old stomping grounds.  I love walking around campus and seeing how much has changed in the almost 13 years since I’ve left.  It’s amazing what has changed and what has not.

Anyway, the conference is a chance to catch up with old friends, some of which I haven’t seen since college, and hear some really interesting presentations about some really interesting topics.  This year’s conference topic selection was stellar!  It really was good.  I didn’t fall asleep once!

One of the best presentations was about Colorado Department of Transportation’s response to the catastrophic floods of September, 2013.  Check out the youtube video for some crazy photos, videos, and stories.


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