I have to deal with the public.  It is part of my job.  Usually, it is okay.  Yesterday, it bugged the heck out of me!

I had a lady call me, and she was really pissed off about the road that she uses everyday being closed for 5 months while they completely reconstruct it.  5 months is not a very long time for a road to be closed, considering it will be COMPLETELY NEW when it is finished.  This lady was mad.  I tried really hard to be nice and explain how much safer, faster, cheaper it is to close the road during construction.  I told her she may be inconvenienced for a few months, but she should be happy when it is finished.  Her response? “Honestly, it’s just a road to me.  I could care less.”  That is like me saying your child is just a snot nosed brat to me, and I don’t like them.  I may be thinking it (more often than not) but I would never say that out loud!  This road is my baby!  I have worked hard to make as good as it can be, and you could care less!  OHHH!!

I ended the conversation with, “Have a nice day.”  Aren’t I sweet?

My rant is finished.


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