I’m OLD!

Holy crap, when did this happen?  When did I go from the young, hip (well, moderately cool) person to this old lady?

Here’s the background: last week was “Engineer for a Day” day.  I volunteered to host.  I’ve been here 6 months, yeah, I can handle this… So we get paired up with a young lady who is interested in Civil Engineering!  Whoot!!  That doesn’t happen every day!  She’s a senior at one of the Wichita high schools.

So the day arrives, and the young lady is very nice, knowledgeable, asking lots of questions about Civil Engineering.  Me and a co-worker take her to lunch, and somehow got to talking about Marching Band in college.  Yep.  I was a band nerd in college.  But it was COOL!  I got to go to all the football games for free.  I got awesome seats, right on the 50 yard line.  I got to go to the bowl games for free!  Seriously!!  It was awesome!  Co-worker asked me what years I was in the band, and I reply, 1997-99, and young engineer says, “Oh, I was born in 1997.”  I had to pick my jaw up off the table!!  I was like, “SHUT UP!”  I suddenly realized that this young person was closer in age to my kids than she was to me.  And that she had never lived without the internet.  Or cordless phones.  She probably didn’t know what a cassette tape was.  OMG!  I AM OLD!!

Okay, so I’m nowhere near retirement age, but that small comment made me feel like I needed to get out the walker, get some hearing aids, and go get a room at the old folks home.  Wow.  Reality check.

And that is how to ruin someone’s day!


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