So Sleepy…

I am tired.  I have got to stop staying up late reading romance novels.  It is killing my productivity at work.  Seriously.

Or, it could be the fact that I’m super busy this week.  Take tomorrow, for instance.  After putting in an awesome 8 hour day at the office, I will jaunt over to the consignment sale that I’ve been working so hard to get ready for and FINALLY get it all checked in.  After that, I will race to get my daughter from after school care, run home, fix some mac and cheese while attempting to help her with her homework, kiss the hubs as he walks in with our son, grab my stuff for my kickboxing later that evening, and run off to attend the City Council meeting.  Hopefully, what I’m waiting for isn’t too long into the meeting and I can leave so I can actually ATTEND my kickboxing class… because that is the kind of stress relief I need this week!!

Consignment sale: This is the engineer side of me.  I think to myself, “I bought it for $2, used it for 3 years, and can now sell it for $1?!  Sign me up!!”  It has only consumed my life for the past two weeks.  And my poor husband is left at home, hanging on to the kids for dear life as I whirlwind out of the house in the morning, yelling, “Don’t forget there’s Girl Scouts tonight!”  I hope I make some buco bucks this time around.  I’m entering the most I’ve every entered into this thing.  We are done having kids and getting to the point where we can clean out some closets, and we did!  My goal every time is to break even with how much I make vs. how much I spend.  It’s a really cool sale run by some really awesome people.  Here’s the website: Kids Closet Connection

I had better get back to work.  Or sleep.  Whichever comes first.  Maybe I’ll make a trip down to the first floor to get me a Diet Dr. Pepper!


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