The Stars were not with me…

The stars were not aligned with me this morning.  After I dropped my daughter off at latchkey this morning I thought, I’ve got plenty of time to stop at Walgreens and get me some of those Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds that I love so much.  Because they are the bomb.  They are really that good.

I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot, thinking about the other stuff I was going to get, like a two day supply of Diet Dr. Pepper, some dill pickle sunflower seeds, etc.  And then I realized that this Walgreens isn’t open 24 hours.  It’s too early for it to be open!  No problems!!  I’ll just make a slight detour on the way into work and swing by ANOTHER Walgreens, right?  Right.

And then there was a train.  I sat at a traffic light for 5 minutes waiting on a stinking train.  I finally get to the Walgreens, and guess what?  They aren’t open, either!!  I settled for going to QuikTrip and getting a fountain Diet Dr. Pepper and some sunflower seeds.  Oh, and lookey here, they have the almonds at QT, too!


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